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Steps to install latest graphic drivers in Windows

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
Starting with Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft wants to link the OS installation to your Microsoft account. This measure is no longer limited to just Windows 11 Home edition as..

How to Fix VCRUNTIME140 dll is Missing Error on Windows

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
If repairing the software didn’t solve the VCRUNTIME140.DLL was not found Windows 10 or 11 issue, consider reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 from scratch. After that, you need to choose..

AirPods microphone not working? The best fix for AirPods Mic in 2022 Wireless earbuds, Earbuds, Wireless headphones

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
You can do this by simply putting your AirPods back in their case, closing the lid, then putting them back in your ears again. Your AirPods will then be connected..

How to Check and Fix Disk Error in Windows 10 Manually

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
I have a folder called Mail Exports under my Archive folder where I export my e-mail. Select the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and Drafts. Unless you have a special reason..

How to Fix: No Sound After Driver Update

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
Or you could try installing the Realtek driver again. Uninstalling the Realtek driver from the Device Manager should work. The driver is installed by Windows Update, and you will be..

Do I need to uninstall old AMD drivers before updating? :: Hardware and Operating Systems

Diterbitkan : Rabu, 16 Nov 2022
Video processing ASIC for video frame rate interpolation technique. In Windows it works as a DirectShow filter in your player. In Linux, there is no support on the part of..

How to Test Your Microphone and Camera in 6 Simple Steps

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
There are also text overlays and filters, which make it an excellent webcam for those wanting to mess around with the medium. Discord’s video conferencing feature has taken the world..

How to enable or disable Print Screen Key to launch Snipping Tool in Windows 10?

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
If you’re using a laptop, you may need to press Fn + PrtSc to get the same result. There are multiple ways in which you can take screenshots on Windows...

How To Download & Update Nvidia Drivers On Windows 10

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
An easy to follow tutorial with screenshots to teach you how to set write permission on ext4 partition In Ubuntu Linux. Non-free refers to the proprietary drivers and free points..

How to Remove Old and Useless Drivers in Windows

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
With the OEM levy lifted, far more users can make the most of these optimisations, many of which add support or fix bugs in the latest games. Driver Easy is..

Fix: Second Monitor Not Working After Nvidia Driver Update Reviews News TechRadar

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
The first thing to do is to make sure you actually turn on the G-Sync setting on your PC. Expand the display item in the sidebar. Processing power, large amounts..

HP Linux Printer Driver HPLIP 3 21 10 Adds Debian 11, Zorin OS 16 & Ubuntu 21.10 Support

Diterbitkan : Senin, 14 Nov 2022
The “Driver is unavailable” error shows up for an HP printer in instances where Windows has trouble loading the relevant printer driver. Various reasons—such as outdated driver software or an..